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Sunday, 30 August 2015


To ensure the privacy and safety of our members we have a strict set of rules. To make your experience truly memorable we request you to go through the rules before you request for membership.

  • The Party Venues are private and does NOT have an open door policy. Membership is compulsory.
  • Membership is open to Couples and Single Females only.
  • Each interested couple must provide a brief profile of themselves. We don't require any photographs or real names but the profile should indicative of your personality. 
  • All members must go though a vetting process before they are taken in as members.
  • New members must bring ID with them on their first visit to the Party Venue.
  • The coordinator on the night of the event reserves the right to refuse entrance to the Party Venue without explanation.
  • No Persons Under Age are allowed in to the Venue under any circumstances.
  • Drugs are strictly prohibited.
Note: To ensure the safety and confidentiality we have a very rigid selection process. Please ensure that you are willing to meet the coordinator for a personal chat before mailing to us. This is a "SCREENING STEP" where through a very cordial conversation the coordinator tries to judge whether you would comfortably fit into our swingers universe. The meeting does not guarantee you inclusion in the swingers club. The coordinator holds the right to reject any couple without giving any explanations.

  • Always ask first!
  • NO means NO!
  • NO pressure - NO pestering. NO exceptions!

  • The party coordinator asks all attendees to please show the utmost respect for the venue and all persons present.
  • Aggressive behavior will NOT be tolerated and will result in the perpetrator(s) being asked to leave the venue immediately.
  • Our aim is to foster and encourage a friendly and polite environment where everyone is at ease and relaxed.
  • If you have any concerns during your visit please advise the coordinator immediately and he will deal with the situation with the utmost discretion. If you are asked to leave please leave quietly with pride and without hindrance.
  • If you fail to do this your membership may be terminated.
  • All attendees are asked to arrive and leave quietly

Play Areas

There are designated play areas for the action. Each play area has rules associated with them. We expect every member to strictly follow the rules associated with the play areas. We discourage any sort of action out of the designated play areas

Important Note: Even in a play area a “No” means a “No” full stop.


A special message for everyone. Personal Hygiene is a must for close encounters of a "Third Kind".. So... if you cannot afford to buy/use deodorants - soaps/toothpaste etc., please ask the coordinator when you arrive and he will make an announcement regarding your plight and have a whip around for you! :-) (Big Smile)


Anyone practicing unsafe sex(even with their own partners) at the party venue would not be tolerated