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Sunday, 30 August 2015


Those who know how to play Swingers Club in Delhi well would tell you that most of the time the 
experience would even beat the real life experience .
This is after all what every Indian Swinger Couple looks forward too- 
 Confidentiality, Secrecy, Safety and Fun and this is something you can get easily in Swingers Club in Delhi.

Who is qualified to join us?
Couples who are married or having a long term relationship. Single lady/female who wish to explore further into having 3some or group sex without commitment. Single lady/female that is bi-sexual.
Who is NOT qualified to join?
Single guy/male not allows joining. Gay/Escorts/Gigolos not allowed to Join.
How do we get start?
For couples, you must ensure that your partner especially the lady is ready and willing to swap with other couple for sex in the same room.
How your membership can be approved by owner of the club?
Send us A Mail on with You Complete Details and Contact Number.
During Party, what are the charges?
You only pay for sharing the cost of Location rental and the Drinks/Food which will be shared and usually will be per couple basis, depending on the number of couple turning up. That’s all you have to pay.