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Sunday, 30 August 2015


Couple swapping /Groping Parties Are The Best Stress 
 "A lot of couples come to high-end parties to meet like minded 

people and have fun for a night. 

Both married and unmarried or live-in couples openly solicit 

with different people at a party and leave the place with a different partner,

Event managers  take care of the logistics. 

Membership Charges Are Very Nominal.

Couples have to share the cost of hosting the  parties. 

Couples are also screened before they are allowed entry to 

these highly secret parties.

To recruit new couples in the group, one of the club members 

first meets the couple at a coffee shop/bar and has a casual chat

with them.

 The couple is then "thoroughly screened" and asked questions 

about their financial status, 

their purpose of joining the club and other such matters.

 "The idea is to ensure that they are not a fake couple. 

The parties are mostly held in hotels, farmhouses and resorts 

on the city's outskirts. 

The budget for one night is a minimum of Rs 30,000 and goes 

up to around Rs 1 lakh depending on the venue, the liquor, 

food, arrangements made (rooms booked, theme for the 

evening, DJ, etc ) and the number of members attending the 


New entrants are given the option of attending "groping 

parties" if they are initially uncomfortable with the idea of 

swapping partners.

Who swaps partners with whom is decided by a draw of lots — 

generally a bucketful of sandals of the ladies attending the 


Else key rings are used.  

"Suggestive songs are played. 

There is close dancing with someone other than your own


Alcohol is mandatory in order to break the ice. 

Sexual jokes are cracked to set the mood. 

The group looks at expanding its network and therefore every

 member (read couple) is asked to meet like-minded people at 

regular parties and add them to the club."

We do not accept couples in their 60s as we believe that they 

are lousy in bed. 
Such requests are not common anyway.

Any couple talking about the party to outsiders faces expulsion.

 The Swingers Club in Delhi  practice's safe sex. 

"Drugs are strictly prohibited .

Members who get Over Drunk are asked to leave the venue immediately. 

Also, the club does not allow any cameras and mobiles, to 

ensure complete privacy and security of the members,"